Alex Cross

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Alex Cross, the upcoming crime thriller movie directed by Rob Cohen and starring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox:

Alex Cross Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by John Debney.
1. Alex Cross Opening
2. Going To Pop Pop
3. Maria Is Pregnant
4. MMA Enterance
5. Picasso Breaks An Arm
6. Picasso Seduces Women
7. Tommy / Monica Talk
8. Alex Accesses Crime Scene
9. Next Target
10. Aqua Building
11. Boom He’s Gone
12. Alex Profiles Killer
13. I Don’t Want To Die
14. Picasso Kills Maria
15. Alex Comforts Janelle
16. Detroit P.D. Breakin
17. Give Me A Name
18. Shutdown Courthouse Square
19. Picasso Takes Train
20. Confronting Picasso
21. Alex / Picasso Do Battle
22. It Ain’t Over Tommy
23. Restrained Satisfaction
24. Alex Walks to House
Alex Cross Song - Alex Cross Music - Alex Cross Soundtrack - Alex Cross Score

The movie soundtrack of Alex Cross will be released October 19, 2012 by Metropolis Movie Music.

Metropolis Movie Music is sharing samples of the songs of the Alex Cross soundtrack via SoundCloud:

Scored by the Academy Award-nominated John Debney (The Passion Of The Christ, Iron Man 2, Liar Liar), the edgy, electronic approach meeting the conventional orchestral score sets the perfect tone for the thriller of Alex Cross.

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  1. Myron Nash

    I really want this song called All Our Secrets Are the Same by Jackie DeShannon, but it’s not on the soundtrack. It doesn’t make sense to me that the only music is feature on the soundtrack is the film’s score (instrumental music). I tried to find an MP3 version, nothin’. I already got the other song I Alex Cross (Only God Can Judge Me) by Trick Trick and Dina Rae. Would someone get back at me on how to get the song please?

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