Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, the fantasy action movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov and starring Benjamin Walker:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Henry Jackman.
1. Childhood Tragedy
2. Vampires
3. What Do You Hate?
4. Power Comes from Truth
5. You Are Full of Surprises
6. Mary Todd
7. The Horse Stampede
8. Henry Sturgess
9. Adam
10. Rescue Mission
11. Inauguration
12. All Slave to Something
13. Emancipation
14. Haunted by the Past
15. Battle at Gettysburg
16. Forging Silver
17. 80 Miles
18. The Burning Bridge
19. Not the Only Railroad
20. The Gettysburg Address
21. Late to the Theater

The movie soundtrack of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter will be released on July 3, 2012.

And here’s the music video of the theme song of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – ‘Powerless’ by Linkin Park


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