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  • Carrie Pilby

    We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of Carrie Pilby, the upcoming drama comedy movie directed by Susan Johnson and starring Bel Powley:

    Carrie Pilby Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various artists.

    1. Magnets – Disclosure & Lorde
    2. Watching the Sky Turn Blue – Louise Goffin
    3. Anytime I’m Feelin – Justin Dean Thomas
    4. You Make Me Happy – Chauncey Jacks
    5. Be Your Man – Moses Jordan
    6. Mai Luvv – Odd Fayse
    7. In This World (One Era Remix) – Thomas Blondet, Leyla Chatti & Lenny Kurlou
    8. Ain’t You a Woman – Moses Jordan
    9. Carrie – Michael Penn
    10. A Borrowed Chair – Michael Penn
    11. A Cab Ride – Michael Penn
    12. Catherine – Michael Penn
    13. A Prayer – Michael Penn
    14. Mother – Michael Penn
    Carrie Pilby Song - Carrie Pilby Music - Carrie Pilby Soundtrack - Carrie Pilby Score


    Plot Synopsis:
    Carrie Pilby (Bel Powley) is a genius who graduated Harvard at 18. Convinced that the world is populated by oversexed hypocrites, she has a hard time making sense of life as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment. In an effort to coax Carrie out of her shell, her psychiatrist (Nathan Lane), makes a deceptively simple checklist of goals for her to achieve between Thanksgiving and the year’s end. Each goal brings Carrie closer to the understanding that humans, like books, can’t be judged by their covers.

    The movie soundtrack of Carrie Pilby will be released on March 31, 2017 by The Orchard.

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    Jasper Jones

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Jasper Jones, the latest drama thriller movie directed by Rachel Perkins from a script by Shaun Grant based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Craig Silvey and starring Toni Collette, Hugo Weaving, Levi Miller, Angourie Rice, Dan Wyllie and Aaron McGrath:

    Jasper Jones Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Antony Partos.

    1. Charlie’s Awakening (6:40)
    2. Eavesdropping (2:29)
    3. Library of Leads (2:28)
    4. Night Prowl (2:14)
    5. Motherly Indiscretion (1:56)
    6. Decisive Action (2:05)
    7. Confrontation (3:36)
    8. Police Ride Home (1:03)
    9. Dig It (2:31)
    10. Cricket Match (4:16)
    11. Dad Confides (2:16)
    12. All Is Revealed (14:45)
    13. Reconciliation (3:54)
    14. Jasper Jones (1:56)
    Jasper Jones Song - Jasper Jones Music - Jasper Jones Soundtrack - Jasper Jones Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Adapted from Craig Silvey’s bestselling Australian novel, JASPER JONES is the story of Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14 living in a small town in Western Australia.
    In the dead of night during the scorching summer of 1969, Charlie is startled when he is woken by local mixed-race outcast Jasper Jones outside his window. Jasper leads him deep into the forest and shows him something that will change his life forever, setting them both on a dangerous journey to solve a mystery that will consume the entire community.
    In an isolated town where secrecy, gossip and tragedy overwhelm the landscape, Charlie faces family breakdown, finds his first love, and discovers what it means be truly courageous.

    The movie soundtrack of Jasper Jones was released on March 23, 2017 by Jetty Distribution.

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    Albion The Enchanted Stallion

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Albion The Enchanted Stallion, the upcoming fantasy family movie directed by Castille Landon based on a script she co-wrote with Ryan O’Nan and Sarah Scougal and starring Avery Arendes, Stephen Dorff, Liam McIntyre, Debra Messing, Jennifer Morrison, Castille Landon, Daniel Sharman, Ryan O’Nan, Richard Kind, and John Cleese:

    Albion The Enchanted Stallion Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by George Kallis.

    1. Opening: From Your Spirit (3:48)
    2. Riding to Albion (2:36)
    3. A Long Time Ago (3:37)
    4. Split Personalities (1:49)
    5. The Two Tribes (2:15)
    6. Wall Creatures and a Little Girl (2:34)
    7. Tracked by the Milesians / The Dream (1:52)
    8. The River and the Palace (1:37)
    9. Mysterious Horses and Kelpies (3:34)
    10. Cape and Raindrops (1:51)
    11. Gallgaidheal (1:37)
    12. The Abbess (3:19)
    13. A Friend (2:44)
    14. Captured (1:40)
    15. The Queen (2:45)
    16. Through the Darkest Hours (2:13)
    17. Eriu Appears (1:36)
    18. A Wonderful Place of Nature (4:07)
    19. The Strength to Light Our Way (1:31)
    20. Release the Barrier (4:23)
    Albion The Enchanted Stallion Song - Albion The Enchanted Stallion Music - Albion The Enchanted Stallion Soundtrack - Albion The Enchanted Stallion Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Twelve year old Evie’s life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters a magical black stallion, Dag Dia, and is spirited away to the mystical land of Albion.
    Here, Evie’s dreams of adventure come true when she meets and befriends Eriu, a young warrior intent on freeing her people, the Danann, from a life of imprisonment in Albion’s underworld. With Dag Dia at her side, Evie bravely joins the Danann in their quest to overthrow the suppressive Milesians; a desperate last attempt to reclaim their rightful reign above ground.
    But with the adventure also comes great responsibility. Evie has a much closer connection to Albion than she realizes, and during this extraordinary journey discovers that she, alone, is the key to saving an entire race of people and restoring the kingdom of Albion to glory.

    The movie soundtrack of Albion The Enchanted Stallion was released on March 24, 2017 by MovieScore Media, it’s available on Amazon.

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    We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of CHIPS, the upcoming action comedy movie adaptation written and directed by Dax Shepard and starring Dax Shepard, Michael Pena, Rosa Salazar, Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, and Vincent D’Onofrio:

    CHIPS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Fil Eisler.

    1. Opening Titles (CHIPS Theme)
    2. Jon And Ponch
    3. Five Dirty Cops (AKA The Bad Guy Theme)
    4. Highway Robbery
    5. Ponch Arrives
    6. Bromance Pt 1
    7. Seven Mary Three In Pursuit
    8. The Armored Car Heist
    9. Reed Jnr / Ray’s Theme
    10. Fairground Chase
    11. Random Metal Outburst
    12. That’s Weird
    13. Ray Prepares For War
    14. Disappearing Act
    15. The Drug House Raid
    16. Widow’s Fund
    17. Trailer Trashed
    18. Ray’s Hideaway
    19. Life Support
    20. Twelve Million
    21. Random Blues Interjection
    22. You’re Old As Fuck
    23. Over The Wall
    24. An Eye For An Eye
    25. Man Up Jon
    26. Help Me Up
    27. Terminator Arm / Bromance Pt2
    28. Jon And Ava Love Theme
    29. End Titles (CHIPS Theme)
    CHIPS Song - CHIPS Music - CHIPS Soundtrack - CHIPS Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Jon Baker (Dax Shepard) and Frank ‘Ponch’ Poncherello (Michael Pena) have just joined the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Los Angeles but for very different reasons. Baker is a beaten up pro motorbiker trying to put his life and marriage back together. Poncherello is a cocky undercover Federal agent investigating a multi-million dollar heist that may be an inside job—inside the CHP.
    The inexperienced rookie and hardened pro are teamed together, but clash more than click, so kickstarting a partnership is easier said than done. But with Baker’s bike skills combined with Ponch’s street savvy it might just work…if they don’t drive each other crazy along the way.

    The movie soundtrack of CHIPS will be released by Lakeshore Records.

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    Dog Eat Dog

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Dog Eat Dog, the upcoming movie action crime drama movie written and directed Paul Shrader starring Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, and Christopher Matthew Cook::

    Dog Eat Dog Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by We Are Dark Angels.

    1 Mad Dog Nirvana
    2 Meet the Diesel
    3 Masks
    4 Leaving the Club
    5 Moon Man Ride
    6 Moon Man Room
    7 Troy’s Theme
    8 Mike Brennan
    9 Dark Angles
    10 I Don’t Have Time for This
    11 On the Way to Toledo
    12 Falling Bodies
    13 Remembering Mad Dog
    14 Trouble at the Market
    15 Modifier De Morte
    16 Samurai Style
    17 Dogs Eating Dogs
    18 Fragmented Pain
    19 The Banality of Hell
    20 Crossing Over
    21 Pass Me Not
    22 Rio De Diablo
    Dog Eat Dog Song - Dog Eat Dog Music - Dog Eat Dog Soundtrack - Dog Eat Dog Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    When three desperate ex cons are offered a job by a Mexican mob boss, they know they should refuse, but the payoff’s too rich to turn down. It’s enough to buy their way out of the Life and start over. All they have to do is kidnap the kid of a colleague who’s ripping the mob boss off.
    But the abduction goes awry when the kidnappers are forced to kill an unexpected intruder who turns out to be the child’s father — the very man the mob boss intended to extort. Now unwelcome in the underworld and on the run for murder, the ex cons find themselves as the most wanted fugitives in the City of Angels. And each vows that none of them will ever go back to prison. No matter what the cost.

    The movie soundtrack of Dog Eat Dog will be released on March 31, 2017 by Filmtrax.

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    Speech and Debate

    Take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of Speech and Debate, the upcoming drama comedy movie directed by Dan Harris based on a script by Stephen Karam and starring Sarah Steele, Liam James, Austin P. McKenzie, Roger Bart, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Kal Penn, Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Baker, Skylar Astin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Darren Criss:

    Speech and Debate Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various artists.

    1. Opening Rant – Jeremy Rowley
    2. No Trouble – Alex Rhodes
    3. Diwata’s Audition – Sarah Steele
    4. Tonight – Magic Man
    5. Crap Sandwich, Part One – Sarah Steele
    6. King – Years & Years
    7. Crap Sandwich, Part Two – Sarah Steele
    8. More Weight – Sarah Steele
    9. Group Interpretation Intro – Sarah Steele
    10. Hold It in – Sarah Steele & Austin P. McKenzie
    11. Solomon’s Speech – Liam James
    12. Freedom! ’90 – George Michael
    13. Losers Are Winners (Flying Free) – Kristin Chenoweth
    14. End Titles – Deborah Lurie
    15. Bonus Track: Know Me Better – Austin P. McKenzie
    Speech and Debate Song - Speech and Debate Music - Speech and Debate Soundtrack - Speech and Debate Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Based on the hit play by Stephen Karam, this wickedly funny comedy follows three teenagers brought together by a series of mishaps. Frustrated by their parents, teachers, and the school board, the unlikely trio set out to make their voices heard as they revive a defunct speech and debate club and take on the world.

    The movie soundtrack of Speech and Debate will be released on March 31, 2017 by Broadway Records.

    And here’s the track list of the film score:

    Speech and Debate Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Deborah Lurie.

    1. Opening Rant (0:59)
    2. Main Title (0:45)
    3. Musical Texting (0:43)
    4. Dropped Phone (0:58)
    5. Howie’s New Life (1:03)
    6. Journalism Topics (0:43)
    7. Solomon Strikes Out (0:50)
    8. The Casting Board (0:34)
    9. Diwata’s Revelation (0:28)
    10. Welcome to Debate (1:06)
    11. Recruiting Howie (1:36)
    12. Genie Video (1:29)
    13. Debate Practice (1:49)
    14. Tournament Arrival (0:39)
    15. Portland Competition (1:37)
    16. Bus Station (1:48)
    17. Receipts (1:28)
    18. Defeat (0:54)
    19. Isolation (1:35)
    20. Solomon’s Book (0:38)
    21. Gary’s House (2:19)
    22. New Plan (0:30)
    23. Big Turnout (0:57)
    24. Best Buy (0:50)
    25. End Credits (1:19)
    26. Bonus Track: Losers Are Winners (Flying Free) (Karaoke Version) – Deborah Lurie & Stephen Karam (3:45)
    Speech and Debate film score

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »


    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Aftermath, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Elliott Lester and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger:

    Aftermath Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Mark Todd.

    1. Main Titles
    2. Jingle Bells
    3. Faint
    4. Alone
    5. Jacob/Better & Worse
    6. Control Tower
    7. Consequences I
    8. Step by Step
    9. Crash Site
    10. Pearls
    11. Graveyard
    12. Breakfast
    13. Faithful and Respectful/Frenzy
    14. No Better
    15. Pictures
    16. Best Interests/Money
    17. Consequences II
    18. Find Him
    19. New Life
    20. The Correct Way
    21. Breaking Point
    22. Confrontation
    23. Prison
    24. Early Release
    25. The Perfect Place
    26. End Credits
    Aftermath Song - Aftermath Music - Aftermath Soundtrack - Aftermath Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Two strangers’ lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash. Inspired by actual events, AFTERMATH tells a story of guilt and revenge after an air traffic controller’s (Scoot McNairy) error causes the death of a construction foreman’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wife and daughter.

    The movie soundtrack of Aftermath will be released on April 7, 2017 by Filmtrax.

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    Going in Style

    We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of Going in Style, the upcoming crime comedy movie directed by Zach Braff and starring Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine, Ann-Margret, John Ortiz, Matt Dillon, Christopher Lloyd, and Joey King:

    Going in Style Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various artists.

    1. Memories Are Made of This – Dean Martin
    2. St. Thomas – Sonny Rollins
    3. Feel Right – Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal
    4. Hard to Handle – Otis Redding
    5. Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest
    6. Hey, Look Me Over – Jamie Cullum
    7. Hallelujah I Love Her So – Alan Arkin, Ann-Margaret
    8. Mean Old World – Sam Cooke
    9. What a Diff’rence a Day Makes – Dinah Washington
    10. Opening – Rob Simonsen
    11. Foreclosure Notice – Rob Simonsen
    12. Willie and Kay – Rob Simonsen
    13. Rat Pack Robbery – Rob Simonsen
    14. FBI Closes In – Rob Simonsen
    15. The Line Up – Rob Simonsen
    16. The Wedding – Rob Simonsen
    Going in Style Song - Going in Style Music - Going in Style Soundtrack - Going in Style Score

    Official music videos are available online:

    Feel Right – Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal

    Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest

    And preview of some of the songs:

    FBI Closes In – Rob Simonsen – Going In Style Soundtrack

    Hallelujah I Love Her So – Alan Arkin and Ann-Margret – Going In Style Soundtrack

    Hey Look Me Over – Jamie Cullum – Going In Style Soundtrack

    Plot Synopsis:
    Lifelong buddies Willie (Morgan Freeman), Joe (Michael Caine) and Al (Alan Arkin), decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow for the first time in their lives when their pension fund becomes a corporate casualty. Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, the three risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.
    Get ready for the grandfather of all heist films!

    The movie soundtrack of Going in Style will be released on March 31, 2017 by WaterTower Music.

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    Nova Seed

    Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Nova Seed, the upcoming 2D hand-drawn science-fiction animated movie directed by Nick DiLiberto based on a script he co-wrote with Joe DiLiberto and featuring the voices of Joe DiLiberto, Nick DiLiberto, Shawn Donovan, John Jellinek, Julie Kirkelos, and Joel MacMillan:

    Nova Seed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Stephen Verrall.

    1 Into the World
    2 Warrior
    3 Release the Beast
    4 N.A.C. Attack
    5 Take Him Down
    6 Neo World News
    7 Seed
    8 Rise
    9 Battle Sky
    10 Mysterious Powers
    11 Searchers
    12 Mindskull’s Lair
    13 The Toxic Lands
    14 Dargons
    15 Night Strike
    16 Nowhere
    17 Lead Me
    18 Call for Help
    19 New World
    20 Follow N.A.C.
    21 Nova Inside Me
    Nova Seed Song - Nova Seed Music - Nova Seed Soundtrack - Nova Seed Score

    Thanks to Lakeshore a preview of the soundtrack:

    Nova Seed – Stephen Verrall – Soundtrack Preview (Official Video)

    Nova Seed – Call For Help – Stephen Verrall (Official Video)

    Plot Synopsis:
    Beneath the decay of a dying world lives the Mad Doctor Mindskull. Using the planet’s power of creation he has created the ultimate Weapon. Can mankind find a way to stop this Evil before time runs out? The only answer lies within the Nova Seed.

    The movie soundtrack of Nova Seed will be released on March 24, 2017 by Lakeshore Records.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »

    The Boss Baby

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Boss Baby, the upcoming 3D CG animated movie directed by Tom McGrath for Dreamworks Animation:

    The Boss Baby Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro.

    1. Survival of the Fittest (2:24)
    2. Baby Brother (3:58)
    3. Welcome To Baby Corp (3:12)
    4. You Can’ t Get Away From Johnny Law (2:11)
    5. We Can Buy a Bouncy House (3:18)
    6. Super Colossal Big Fat Boss Baby (1:11)
    7. Barfmitzvah (2:11)
    8. Toodaloo Toilet-Head! (4:02)
    9. I Wish You Were Never Born (2:53)
    10. Puppy Co. (3:27)
    11. You Want To Hug Me, Don’ t You? (3:20)
    12. Arrrggh (2:01)
    13. Francis Francis (4:19)
    14. You’ re Fired (4:28)
    15. Upsies! I Need Upsies! (1:44)
    16. Love (5:17)
    17. Go Get Yourself a Horse (2:19)
    18. What the World Needs Now Is Love – Missi Hale (4:15)
    19. Cheek To Cheek (From the Motion Picture “ Top Hat” ) – Fred Astaire (5:01)
    20. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again – L.T.D. (4:40)
    The Boss Baby Song - The Boss Baby Music - The Boss Baby Soundtrack - The Boss Baby Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    DreamWorks Animation and the director of Madagascar invite you to meet a most unusual baby. He wears a suit, speaks with the voice and wit of Alec Baldwin, and stars in the animated comedy, DreamWorks’ THE BOSS BABY. THE BOSS BABY is a hilariously universal story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim. With a sly, heart-filled message about the importance of family, DreamWorks’ THE BOSS BABY is an authentic and broadly appealing original comedy for all ages.

    The movie soundtrack of The Boss Baby will be released on March 31, 2017 by Back Lot Music.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »