Tower Heist

We’ve got our hands on the track list of the soundtrack of Tower Heist, the upcoming comedy starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy:

Tower Heist Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Christophe Beck.
1. Theme From Tower Heist
2. Code Black
3. Shawfrontation
4. The Germ
5. Lester’s Loss
6. My Little Bitch
7. Macy’s Day
8. The Marshall Swindle
9. Right at Rikers
10. Fifty Dollar Thrift Lift
11. The Charlie Deception
12. We Go On Snoopy
13. Courthouse Con
14. Grand Theft Auto
15. Gonna Call Ralph
16. Strong Box Situation
17. Shaft Fail
18. Odessa’s Cake
19. Arrested
20. Shawstafari
21. Gold Rush
22. End Titles
Tower Heist Song - Tower Heist Music - Tower Heist Soundtrack

The score of Tower Heist comes to us from Christophe Beck, the composer of The Hangover. Listen to samples of the songs of the soundtrack of Tower Heist below:

The movie soundtrack of Tower Heist will be released on November 1, 2011.

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