Spy Kids 4

You may check below the track list of the soundtrack of Spy Kids 4 All The Time In The World, the latest Spy Kids movie starring Jessica Alba:

Spy Kids 4 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Carl Thiel and Robert Rodriguez
01. Spy Mom
02. Rebecca & Cecil
03. Panic Room
04. Jet Luge Chase
05. Carmen Cortez
06. Spy Baby
07. Argonaut
08. T.O.O.T.
09. Big Time Watch Shop
10. Wilbur Wilson
11. The Timekeeper
12. Hammer Hands
13. O.S.S.
14. Juni Cortez
15. Danger D’amo
16. Spy Kids 2.0
17. Time And Time Again
18. Danger’s Past
19. Time’s up
20. Spy Hunter
21. You Have Been Activated
Spy Kids 4 Song - Spy Kids 4 Music - Spy Kids 4 Soundtrack

“When it came time for this Spy Kids film, I not only relied on some of the themes from the first films, but leaned heavily on my long time collaborator and producer of my scores and rock albums, Carl Thiel.
Ten years after Spy Kids, we are back and it has been as much a musical journey as a cinematic one.”

Director Robert Rodriguez

“Robert and I wanted to keep some of his original Spy Kids melodies in this score, but also infuse the movie with a new life, since there were so many new characters, including the kids.
Both of us are very theme oriented, so when we sat down to spot the movie, we made a list of the characters that needed their own theme… like the Timekeeper, the kids, Joel McHale’s ‘Spy Hunter’ and Jessica Alba’s ‘Spy Mom’
We chose [the sketches of possible themes] that felt like the best fit. Once we had that as a base, I could draw from the pool of melodic themes to score each specific scene.
There’s practically wall to wall music. As challenging as it was, working on Spy Kids 4 has been the most fun I’ve had writing music for a film.”

Music Composer/Producer Carl Thiel

Lakeshore Records is sharing this preview of the soundtrack of Spy Kids All The Time In The World via youtube:

SPY KIDS 4D – Official Soundtrack Preview – CARL THIEL & ROBERT RODRIGUEZ

The movie soundtrack of Spy Kids 4 will be released digitally on August 16th and on CD September 6, 2011.

You may listen below to the songs of the soundtrack o Spy Kids 4:


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