Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising

The official track list of the soundtrack of Valhalla Rising, the action adventure movie directed by Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Mads Mikkelsen:

Valhalla Rising Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed
1. Valhalla Rising (Introduction) – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
2. Caged – Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall
3. One Eyes Fights – Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall
4. Montage – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
5. Arrowhead – Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall
6. Escape – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
7. Return – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
8. Free – Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall
9. Christians – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
10. Men of God – Peter Peter
11. The Boat – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
12. Into Hell – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
13. Hell – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
14. Forest – Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall
15. Valhalla Rising (End Credits) – Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
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Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – “Return” (from VALHALLA RISING OST)

Plot Synopsis:
“1000 AD, for years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by Are, a boy slave, One Eye slays his captor and together he and Are escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness. On their flight, One Eye and Are board a Viking vessel, but the ship is soon engulfed by an endless fog that clears only as the crew sights an unknown land. As the new world reveals its secrets and the Vikings confront their terrible and bloody fate, One Eye discovers his true self.”

The movie soundtrack of Valhalla Rising will be released on October 27, 2013 by Milan Records.