Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Submergence, the upcoming romantic drama thriller movie directed by Wim Wenders and starring Alicia Vikander, James McAvoy, Reda Kateb, Alexander Siddig, and Celyn Jones:

Submergence Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Fernando Velazquez.
1. Opening Title (2:34)
2. I’ve Never Been Lonely Before (1:02)
3. Hold My Flight (3:08)
4. Danny & James (1:31)
5. Layers of the Ocean / The Hadopelagic (1:46)
6. Talking to Me (3:29)
7. Captive / 21st of May (0:51)
8. Exactly What I’m Going to Do / I’m Going to Remember This (4:11)
9. Leaving (5:09)
10. Captured (0:34)
11. Their Ability to Believe (0:54)
12. Sharif/No Signals (1:31)
13. Reaching Out/Shooting Squad/Alive (5:36)
14. Water Boy (1:38)
15. My Name is James More (1:39)
16. An Education/A New Plaque (3:39)
17. Hear No Evil/Part of The Continent (2:44)
18. Let Me Go (1:03)
19. Everything I See (1:39)
20. To The Mangrove (2:37)
21. At The Docks (1:03)
22. Bomb Makers / Submergence / The Bottom of It / Made of Water (11:52)
23. See You Again (2:38)
24. End Title (5:45)
Submergence Song - Submergence Music - Submergence Soundtrack - Submergence Score

Plot Synopsis:
James (James McAvoy) is a British agent working undercover, and Danny (Alicia Vikander) is a bio-mathematician working on a deep-sea diving project. While preparing for their respective missions, a deliriously wild love affair develops. They rapidly and unexpectedly fall into each other’s arms, even though their jobs are destined to separate them. Danny sets off on a perilous quest to dive to the bottom of the ocean; James’s assignment takes him to Somalia, where he is sucked into a geopolitical vortex putting him in grave danger. During their missions, they suffer different kinds of isolation as they pine for one another, hoping to reconnect amidst their dangerous journeys.

The movie soundtrack of Submergence will be released on April 27, 2018 by Varese Sarabande.

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