Stephen Trask

Little Fockers

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller team up again for the movie Little Fockers, an new installment of the funny movie franchise. Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Little Fockers:

Little Fockers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Stephen Trask
1. Greg’s Theme
2. The Byrnes Family Tree
3. I Am Flamenco
4. Enema, MIG Fighter and Andi Garcia
5. The Godfocker
6. An Interesting Couple
7. Early Human School Industrial Reel
8. Dump Truck
9. Chicago Train Chase
10. Getting off the Hamster Wheel
11. Sustengo with a Nasonex Chaser
12. Interrogation
13. One Pill Makes You
14. Standoff
15. Bernie Gets a Semi
16. Focker Family Makeup
17. Suite: Piece of Cake / Land Shark / Suck It! / Meow / Schtupp
18. The Gregfocker
19. Oy Vey, Christmaka / Google Yourself
20. Byrnes, Jack Byrnes Remix (Music by Joseph Bonn)
21. Greg’s Jam
Little Fockers Song - Little Fockers Music - Little Fockers Soundtrack

I really wonder what the songs of the soundtrack of Little Fockers will sound like.