There’s no official soundtrack of Aftershock, the horror thriller directed by Nicolas Lopez and Eli Roth, but here’s a list of the songs as per the film credits:

Aftershock – List of songs from the movie
Various artists.
1. Help Me – Dj Caso Remix (Latin Bitman, Francisca Valenzuela)
2. Panda – Astro
3. Elemental – Sokio
4. Ciervos – Astro
5. Paseo Por El Suelo – Seo2
6. Use Your Brain – Dj Caso
7. My Gangsta – Tunacola & Chomba Boom
8. Guadalupe – Panico
9. No Big Deal – Girl Friday
10. Modernrockers – Tunacola
11. Guapa Girl (feat. New Kids on the Noise) – Picnic kibun
12. After all – The Cruel Visions
13. Semilla – Picnic Kibun
14. Fire – Computo Remix (Yael Meyer)
15. So Fine – Treboles
16. Don’t stop – Dj Caso & Loki Da Trixta
17. Hottie – Leon Lyric
18. Karadima Boys – Tunacola
19. Dedicated to the blogs – Dj Caso, Edgar Van De Wingard & MJ Santos
20. La Música es buena – Dj Caso feat. Mariel Mariel
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Plot Synopsis:
“In Chile, a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub when a massive earthquake hits quickly learn that reaching the surface is just the beginning of their nightmare.”

By the way, any idea what’s the song at the beginning of this trailer of Aftershock?