Check out the track list of the soundtrack Rango, the upcoming animated movie directed by Gore Verbinski and with the voice of Johnny Depp, the album combines a soaring score by best-selling composer Hans Zimmer (The Dark Night, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean) with original songs by Los Lobos:

Rango Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Hans Zimmer
1. Welcome Amigo
2. Rango Suite
3. Certain Demise
4. Metaphor
5. Welcome To Dirt V2
6. Names Rango
7. Lizard For Lunch
8. Stuck In Guacamole
9. Underground – 3:18
10. We Ride, Really!
11. Rango And Beans
12. Bats
13. The Bank’s Been Robbed
14. Rango Returns
15. La Muerte A Llegado
16. It’s A Miracle
17. El Canelo
18. The Sunset Shot
19. Walk Don’t Rango
20. Rango Theme Song – Los Lobos
Rango Song - Rango Music - Rango Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Rango will be released on March 15, 2011. Hans Zimmer is a great composer so we may hope the Rango soundtrack to be quite great.

Here below a clip from the film that features the song “We Ride, Really””:

Rango – That means we ride!

Update – Anti Records are sharing the full theme song of Rango via SoundCloud:

RANGO – Theme song by Los Lobos

Band’s vocalist/guitarist David Hidalgo talking about the theme song of Rango:

David Hidalgo - Los Lobos

“They could do it on their own, but it sounded funny… it didn’t sound authentic. So they needed some Mexicans in there. That doesn’t sound kosher and it doesn’t sound right to say it that way, but in a way it is. You need someone who knows this music, someone to play it properly and get the real effect. That’s why they called us in.”

David Hidalgo, Los Lobos