Paul Dalio

Touched with Fire

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Touched with Fire, the upcoming drama movie directed by Paul Dalio and starring Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby, Christine Lahti, Griffin Dunne, and Bruce Altman:

Touched with Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed and produced by Paul Dalio.
1. Touched with Fire
2. Lunacy
3. Carla’s Theme
4. Marco’s Theme
5. Luni Bin Blues
6. Prayer to the Moon
7. Manic Nights
8. Echoes in the Abyss
9. Meet Me on the Other Side
10. God Grant Us That View
11. Love in the Garden
12. Touched With Both Our Fires
13. This is the Place
14. Missing the Mania
15. Eclipse
16. Mania Days
17. Starry Nights

Touched with Fire Song - Touched with Fire Music - Touched with Fire Soundtrack - Touched with Fire Score

Thanks to Lakeshore Records, here’s a preview of the soundtrack:

Touched With Fire – Paul Dalio – Soundtrack Preview (Official Video)

Plot Synopsis:
Two manic depressives meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance that brings out all of the beauty and horror of their condition.

The movie soundtrack of Touched with Fire will be released on March 18, 2016 by Lakeshore Records.