Michelle J. Nasser


Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of The Dictator, the upcoming comedy movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen:

The Dictator Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. The Next Episode – Naufalle (Aiwa) Al Wahab, El Tayeb (Mr Tibbz) Ibrahim & Admiral General Aladeen
2. Ila Nzour Nebra – Jalal Hamdaou & Driver
3. Habibi – Li Hassan Kuban
4. Everybody Hurts – Mc Rai
5. Wahrane Wahrane – Khaled
6. 9 to 5 – Michelle J. Nasser
7. Goulou L’Mama – Jalal Hamdaoui & Cheb Raya
8. The Song of Admiral General Sargeant Aladeen – Erran Baron Cohen (feat. Omar Fadel)
9. Let’s Get It On – Mohamed Amer
10. Raoui – Souad Massi
11. Money’s On the Dresser – Erran Baron Cohen (feat. Jules Brookes)
12. Our Beloved Leader – The Aladeenies
The Dictator Song - The Dictator Music - The Dictator Soundtrack - The Dictator Film Score

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