John Howard

The Last Airbender

You may check below the track list of the soundtrack of Last Airbender, the upcoming fantasy epic movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Noah ringer:

The Last Airbender Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by John Howard
1. Airbender Suite
2. Earthbenders
3. The Avatar Has Returned
4. The Four Elements Test
5. Journey to the Northern Water Tribe
6. Hall of Avatars
7. Prologue
8. The Blue Spirit
9. The Spirit World
10. We Could Be Friends
11. We Are Now the Gods
12. Flow Like Water
The Last Airbender Music - Last Airbender Song - Last Airbender Soundtrack

Love the titles of the Last Airbender soundtrack, they definitely promise an epic movie. I wonder if there’s a theme song for the Last Airbender. Hope so!