Jean-Michel Bernard

The Love Punch

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of The Love Punch, the upcoming comedy movie written and directed by Joel Hopkins and starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson:

The Love Punch Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jean-Michel Bernard.
1. Whatever You Want
2. Honey I’ m Home
3. Train Richard Doreen
4. BIS Jean Baptiste
5. In Front Of Culco
6. We Need Matt
7. Vincent’ s Lobby
8. Manon Legs Arrival
9. Richard Gives Slow Car Chase
10. Kate Takes The Wheel
11. Bonjour Le Passe
12. K&R Awkward Dinner
13. Travel To Beach
14. K&R Following Manon
15. At The Airport
16. Discuss Next Phase
17. K&R In Bed
18. K&R In Bed Alt
19. Breach Reception Walls
20. Break Into Manon’ s Room
21. Kate Comforts Manon Part 1
22. Kate Comforts Manon Part 2
23. Diamond Swap
24. Kate Comforts Manon Part 3
25. Pen & Jerry Leave- Interrogation V1
26. Pen & Jerry Leave- Interrogation V2
27. Interrogation To Body Scanner
28. Ballade De Gibraltar
29. Kate Off With Jean Baptiste
30. Station Rendez-Vous
The Love Punch Song - The Love Punch Music - The Love Punch Soundtrack - The Love Punch Score

Plot Synopsis:
A divorced couple scheme to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them.

The movie soundtrack of The Love Punch will be released on April 15, 2014 by Metropolis Movie Music.