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Flowers of War

The track list of the soundtrack of The Flowers of War, the upcoming war drama movie starring Christian Bale, has been revealed:

flowers of War Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Qigang Chen.
01. Love Theme I (Opening Credit)
02. Qin Huai Legend I (Falling in Love)
03. Redemption II (Tragedy in the Church)
04. Qin Huai Legend V (Parting Exhortation)
05. They are at Peace I (Death of Commander Li)
06. Qin Huai Legend II (Blood-Stained Strings)
07. Love Theme II (State of Mind)
08. Redemption V (Tragedy in the Church – Material 1)
09. Angels We Have Heard on High
10. Comfort and Hope I (Tragedy in the Church – Alternative Version 2 )
11. Redemption III (Alternative Version)
12. Virgin (Alternative Version)
13. Requiem and Redemption (Commander Li and the Children)
14. Qin Huai Legend VII (Geishas’ Chorus)
15. Ruins (Alternative Version)
16. They Are at Peace II (Brutality)
17. Love Theme III (Descent from Heaven)
18. Comfort and Hope II (Opening Credit – Alternative Version)
19. Heavenly Voice I (John and the Children’s dialogue)
20. Qin Huai Legend III (Entering the Gate)
21. Qin Huai Legend VI (Sisterhood)
22. Love Theme V (Parting – Alternative Version)
23. Heavenly Voice II (Alternative Version)
24. Qin Huai Legend IV (End Credit Chorus)
25. Comfort and Hope III (Running Towards Light)
26. Love Theme IV (End Credit)
The Flowers of War Song - The Flowers of War Music - The Flowers of War Soundtrack

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