Piranha 3DD

Check out the track list of the soundtrack of Piranha 3DD, the upcoming bloody movie sequel to Piranha 3D:

Piranha 3DD Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Got Me in a Trance – Marcus Latief Scott
2. Summer School – Twirl
3. C’mon I Can’t Wait – Automatic Music Explosion
4. Chemical Kings – The One & Only’s
5. The Impatient, the Imperfect, the Impossible – All The Right Moves
6. Open Ya Mind – Sarah Khula
7. Very Busy People – The Limousines
8. Before I Die – Cellphish
9. Flaskaboozendancingshoes – The Limousines
10. Blast – Bobot Adrenaline
11. Quit, You’re Being Thoughtless – Moros Eros
12. I’m Always Here – Jason Scheff
13. Summertime – Josh Mobley feat. Reina Williams
14. The Good Life – Amber Pacific
15. Internet Killed the Video Star – The Limousines
16. Head Banger – Robert Etoll
17. Viktors Misery – Bobot Adrenaline
Piranha 3DD Song - Piranha 3DD Music - Piranha 3DD Soundtrack - Piranha 3DD Film Score

You may listen below to samples of the songs of the soundtrack of Piranha 3DD:

Here’s the track list of the film score of Piranha 3DD:

Piranha 3DD Original Motion Picture Score
Music by Elia Cmiral
1. Return of the Piranhas
2. Piranhas In The Pool
3. Trident Aria
4. Barry’s Heroic Rescue
5. Kiss of Life
6. Eaten in Van
7. Searching for the Cow
8. Shelby and Josh
9. Sheriff’s Redemption
10. Goodman’s Laboratory
11. Family Photo
12. Struggle at the Pier
13. Inspecting Lake
14. Bathtub Dream
15. Confronting Chet
16. Depths of the Lake
17. School of Piranhas
18. Battle for the Water Park
Piranha 3DD Score - Piranha 3DD movie Score

Thanks to Lakeshore Records a preview of the film score:

Piranha 3DD – Official Score Preview – ELIA CMIRAL

The soundtrack and the films core of Piranha 3DD will be digitally released on May 22, 2012.

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