Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Darling, the upcoming horror thriller movie written and directed by Michael Keating and starring Lauren Ashley Carter, Brian Morvant, Sean Young, Larry Fessenden, John Speredakos and Helen Rogers:

Darling Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Giona Ostinelli.
1. NYC Pt. 1
2. Darling
3. The City
4. Why Did You Come Here Tonight
5. Abyssus
6. Dragging The Body
7. James Abbott
8. Crucifix
9. Falling
10. Pacing Around
11. Coming To Life
12. The Phone Call
13. Invocation
14. NYC Pt. 2
15. The Door
16. The House
17. Conversation
18. Following Him
19. Henry Sullivan
20. Abyssus Pt. 2
21. Inferno
22. Makeup
23. Encounter
24. Exploring The House
25. Scriabin Preludes op. 11
26. NYC Pt. 3
27. Demon
28. Second Phone Call
29. I Couldn’t Let Him Live
30. Darling Reprise
Darling Song - Darling Music - Darling Soundtrack - Darling Score

Here’s a preview of the soundtrack thanks to Lakeshore Records:

Darling – Soundtrack Preview (Official Video)

Plot Synopsis:
Darling, a fragile young woman, is hired by Madame to look after a huge historic mansion in New York. But before she leaves her alone with the house, Madame tells her about the fate of the previous caretaker who decided to jump off the roof and meet his end on the pavement. As if that’s not enough, she warns Darling about a locked room upstairs at the end of a long corridor. She should never, under any circumstance enter that room.

The movie trailer of Darling if you haven’t seen it yet:


The movie soundtrack of Darling will be released on April 1, 2016 by Lakeshore Records.

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