Vanishing on 7th Street

Let’s take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Vanishing on 7th Street, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Brad Anderson:

Vanishing on 7th Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Lucas Vidal

1. Empty Theatre – Lucas Vidal
2. Empty Hospital – Lucas Vidal
3. Empty Street – Lucas Vidal
 4. Antimatter Experience – Lucas Vidal
5. The Shadows Are Coming – Lucas Vidal 
6. Lessening the Load of the Geni – Lucas Vidal 
7. Roanoke – Lucas Vidal
 8. The Light Is a Trap – Lucas Vidal
 9. Luke Give James Keychain – Lucas Vidal
10. Going to the Truck – Lucas Vidal
11. Paul and James – Lucas Vidal
12. Paul Starts to Die – Lucas Vidal
13. My Wife Is In Chicago – Lucas Vidal
14. The Mysterious Little Girl – Lucas Vidal
15. Paul’s Seduction – Lucas Vidal
16. Looking for a Light – Lucas Vidal
17. Paul In the Tunnel Pt1 – Lucas Vidal
18. Paul Vanishes – Lucas Vidal
19. Rosemary Is Giving Up – Lucas Vidal
20. Looking for Fuel-Rosemary’s Seduction – Lucas Vidal
21. Luke Is Escaping – Lucas Vidal
22. Luke to the Rescue – Lucas Vidal
23. Starting the Truck – Lucas Vidal
24. Jame’s Seduction – Lucas Vidal
25. Luke Vanishes – Lucas Vidal
26. Altar Candles – Lucas Vidal
27. Only Two Left – Lucas Vidal
28. Tomorrow Ain’t Lookin’ Fine to Me – Howard Herrick
29. Goodbye My Angel – Howard Herrick
30. So Tenderly – Howard Herrick
31. Making a Fire Torch – Lucas Vidal
32. Paul In the Tunnel Pt2 – Lucas Vidal
33. End Credits 1 – Lucas Vidal
34. End Credits 2 – Lucas Vidal
Vanishing on 7th Street Song - Vanishing on 7th Street Music -Vanishing on 7th Street Soundtrack

The music of the soundtrack of Vanishing on 7th Street (aside 2 songs by Howard Herrick) is composed by Spanish song writer and composer Lucas Vidal, it is his first theatrical movie soundtrack.

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Vanishing on 7th Street below:

Creepy music perfect for the film.

10 Responses - “Vanishing on 7th Street”

  1. cathy

    what is the name of the song that plays during the ending credits in the movie vanishing on 7th st?

  2. Ciro

    hi ! Its “your good thing” by Mable John.

  3. Clift

    What was the song John requested to be played on the Jukebox? Anybody knows? Thanks.

  4. maria

    Forever-The Marvelettes ;-)

  5. clift

    Thanks, Maria. Greatly appreciated.

  6. Emanuel Navarro

    what is the son that plays during the movie..its like a piano solo??

  7. R.V.

    I was wondering what song plays on the menu of the movie??? It would b an awsome ringtone can anybody help??? Please N thank you

  8. Nicole

    does anybody know whats the song that’s played when the shadows are coming for Paul in the tunnel? cause I really like it. it’s also the song that’s played at the end when james and brianna are on the horse?

  9. Janay

    i found the song that was played when they were in the bar, called hello little boy by mildred anderson but i went on amazon to listen and it sounded totally different from the song in the movie. i wish i can find the movie version:(

  10. denny

    Janay@ search “Forever-The Marvelettes”

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