The Debt

The Debt

Here’s the track list of The Debt, John Madden’s espionage drama movie starring Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, and Tom Wilkinson:


The Debt Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Thomas Newman.
1. The Wrong Man
2. Ghost Station
3. Airplane Open
4. How to Die (Main Title)
5. Berlin Checkpoint
6. Silver Locket
7. The Surgeon of Birkenau
8. Shaving Roaches
9. An Unscheduled Stop
10. Safe House
11. Air
12. We’d Be Free
13. One More Parcel
14. Newspaper Raid
15. Elsa Roget
16. Unfinished Business
17. Visiting Hours
18. The Full Injection
19. The Debt (End Title)
The Debt Song - The Debt Music - The Debt Soundtrack

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