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Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Sabotage, the action thriller movie directed by David Ayer and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia Williams, Mireille Enos, Sam Worthington, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Max Martini, and Josh Holloway:

Sabotage Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by David Sardy.

1. Raiding The Cartel
2. Stealing The Money
3. Where Is The Money
4. Interview
5. Breacher Wakes Up / Gym Work 3
6. Breacher Pulls Up
7. Team Training
8. Pyro Flip Screech
9. Meet Caroline
10. Strippers Here
11. Neck Nailed To Ceiling
12. Breachers Backstory
13. Finding Tripod
14. Breachers Home Vids
15. Not Going To Fight You Boss
16. Redneck Boat / Not A Fish
17. World Class Assholes
18. Apartment Raid
19. We All Go Home Tonight
20. Monster In The Fridge
21. Team Falling Apart
22. I Quit
23. Lizzy Shot Grinder
24. Parking Garage
25. ATL Street Chase
26. Where’s Breacher
27. Brujo Enters
28. Gunfight
29. Breachers Revenge
Sabotage Song - Sabotage Music - Sabotage Soundtrack - Sabotage Score


Plot Synopsis:
Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.

The movie soundtrack of Sabotage is already available on iTunes.

The film also featured those songs:

– “Heights 3” – JMIKE
– “Ball” – B Boy featuring Ca$h Out
– “All We Do” – Kaytranada featuring JMSN
– “La Casa del Sol Naciente” – Alejandra Guzman
– “Darkest (Dim)” – TOKiMONSTA feat. Gavin Turek
– “Beer Bar Blues” – Lloyd Conger
– “Mafia Nueva” – El Komander


End of Watch

We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of End of Watch, the upcoming crime drama movie written and directed by David Ayer and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena:

End of Watch Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by David Sardy.

1. Harder Than You Think – Public Enemy
2. I Am The Police – David Sardy
3. My Evil Is Big – David Sardy
4. “Hey! Love – The Delfonics
5. Follow Me Into The House – David Sardy
6. Heroes – David Sardy
7. Hold The Baby/You Can’t Live Without Her – David Sardy
8. Lisa’s Coming – Latin Rascals
9. Take Care Of Janet – David Sardy
10. Minivan Tail – David Sardy
11. Alley Escape – David Sardy
12. Funeral – David Sardy
End of Watch Song - End of Watch Music - End of Watch Soundtrack - End of Watch Score

Check out those samples of the soundtrack of End of Watch:

The movie soundtrack of End of Watch has been released by Relativity Music Group, it’s available on itunes.

Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance

Check out the track list of the soundtrack of Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance, the upcoming fantasy action movie directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor and starring Nicolas Cage:

Ghost Rider 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by David Sardy.

1. Maybe You’ve Heard of Me
2. On the Road
3. The Order Under Attack
4. Danny Escapes / Car Chase
5. Moreau Meets Blaze
6. We Will Lift Your Curse
7. Bad People Only / Thunder and Lightning
8. Night Car Chase
9. Pulled from the Car
10. Ghost Rider Arrives
11. At The Hospital / We’ve Got Danny
12. Tell Me Why I Can Trust You
13. Her Story
14. Who Can Tell Us
15. Danny Crashes Truck / Take the Van
16. I’m Not Afraid of You
17. Johnny Tries to Contain Ghost Rider
18. Arrive At the Quarry
19. Rescue Danny from the Quarry
20. Well… Um… Kill It!
21. Guns and the Bagger
22. He Is Coming / Let Her Go
23. You’re Not Done
24. The Power of Decay
25. You’re Safe Here
26. The Wine Cellar
27. You Must Confess
28. The Exorcism
29. It Worked / Lied To
30. Kill the Boy
31. Van Arrives to Meet Dad
32. Meet Dad
33. Afraid of You
34. Danny is the One Good Thing
35. The Ritual Begins
36. Darkness and Decay
37. Bring Back Ghost Rider
38. Chase Down the Devil
39. Send the Devil Back to Hell
40. The Angel, I Can Feel Him
41. Ghost Rider Theme
Ghost Rider 2 Song - Ghost Rider 2 Music - Ghost Rider 2 Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance will be released on February 14, 2012.

Listen to the songs of the score of Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance below: Continue reading »